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Nearly one in five UK citizens 'to survive beyond 100'


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The DWP estimates there will be at least 507,000 people aged 100 or over by 2066, including 7,700 people aged 110 or over - so-called super-centenarians.

Currently 11,800 people in the UK are aged 100 or over and fewer than 100 are over 110.

The government figures suggest that of the more than 10m who will go on to reach 100, 3m are currently aged under 16, 5.5m are aged between 16 and 50, and 1.3m are aged between 51 and 65.

Full article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12091758

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The 'technical' retirement age is 65 for men, but I quoted the 'real' figures some time ago, which is significantly younger - with a very large proportion not working from 55 onwards.

Whether it's government pensions or private pensions the cash to fund it only comes from the individual.

Even though parents and taxpayers pay for children's upkeep, this expense gets transferred as the child has kids of their own.

Hence the simple way to calculate is to imagine every individual as a self-contained financial unit: during their productive years they must pay for a childhood and a retirement, in addition to their existing living expenses.

It's easy to see that 35 years of income is not going to pay for 25 years of childhood and higher education, alongside 35 years of retirement.

For the next 20 years our generation is additionally going to be paying through the nose until the baby-boomer population crisis smooths itself out.

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zeban Wrote:


> Retirement age is 65 now isn't it?

Mine comes up as 68 on the pension advisory site. I'm not looking forward to another 40 years of working and I'm pretty sure the kids I'll be teaching (assuming that's what i'll be doing then) won't appreciate someone their grandparents age trying to teach them.

507,000 people aged 100 is incredible.

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It may be possible to live until we are a hundred, but consider a person who is not all that fit and already has many ailments that will not be cured, does that person want to live to a hundred getting worse, and being in need of care by those who does not know that person?

A person living many years after retiring will be using any savings that might have been saved when that has gone belongings or property will have to be sold to keep up the standard that a person enjoyed.

When all of your kin older, and far younger ones have gone, you alone are the last of the line, why would anybody wish to continue?

For my part when my time limit is up whether it hurts or is peaceful does not matter as there will be no memory for me.

Live for today keep fit that will be the natural way to live a long life.

Do not hope that a long life is available to a person who has abused their body and expect a perfect extension of healthy life.

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