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It's Midnight here in Auckland...The streets...


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dita-on-tees Wrote:


>... I may have

> to join East Dulwich Weebles football team if I

> get any rounder.

LOL Dita...am trying my hardest to imagine you "round", but i simply cannot! Bet you would still look beautiful!



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Merry and happy NY to you too.

Totally with you on the escapades and sambuca front...but...toilet dashes? hmmm you bin talking to that Quids bloke aint ya?

Anyway, have a lovely time, and here's hoping for an injury free year for you (gosh you've had an unfair share of late).


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karter Wrote:


> About 50 minutes to go here then the lines will go

> down, happy new year sister muck. Hope you are

> getting trollied this day. Mwah.

And you too Lil bro.

Trollied? Absolutely LOL! And eating way, way too much...beginning to resemble a beached whale. Far too many nice things to eat...oh dear oh dear...

I suspect you are having the same problem in Italia?

Happy new Year to you and H.

Oink Oink xx

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DJKillaQueen Wrote:


> The first alcohol to pass my lips in 2011 was

> indeed a sambucca (four arrived at once). I just

> got home from DJing though and am shattered.

This all sounds pretty normal LOL. Were you dressed as an elf again?

The first drink to pass my lips in 2011 was a pina colada...haven't stopped drinking it since...it's all Huguenot's fault...a shocking influence is he I tell you...quite formidable in fact...

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katie1997 Wrote:


> Bonne annee ladymuck, hope you are both having a

> fabulous holiday in beautiful NZ.


> Watch out for those geysers...xx

Bonne Annee a vous aussi Madame Katharina van der Wotsit. I trust you had a good one, and here's wishing you all those things you didn't quite get in 2010 (and here's to no more COD BUGS!).

Oh, and here's to much happy rice cooking - though this goes without saying, naturellement.

A bientot.

Bisoux xx

PS: les geysers? Ah oui, demain je pense.

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Dickensman Wrote:


> Don't forget to drop in to "Napier" to see all

> that Art Deco architecture.

Nice to hear from you Cheeky Monkey. Happy New Year to you and here's to many a bargain for 2011.

Doubt very much we shall get as far as Napier...to say we are taking it easy is an understatement. Still, there's always next time LOL.

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