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First parent/baby film at Peckham Plex - Thurs 13th Jan


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As a follow up to this previous thread: http://www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk/forum/read.php?29,579271,580102#msg-580102

The Peckham Plex are starting a parent/baby movie screening and have just announced the first date:


Thursday 13th January 11.30am (Doors open at 11am)



Tickets ?5.99 Inc Coffee & Cake

Adults must be accompanied by a baby under 1 year old.

Multi-story car park, ?0.80/hour, access via Cerise Road

Across the road from Peckham Rye station

Lots of buses from E Dulwich stop right out front (12, 37, 197, P13, 63, 363, etc.)

If you're interested in this on an ongoing basis, you can email the Peckham Plex to be added to their mailing list here: [email protected]

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I'm definitely up for this! Would be good to get a reasonable number along so they carry on doing it. I was thinking love and other drugs too as although I liked the other fockers films I think the jokes are wearing thin. May have to check which is shorter though as I remember when going to see a film with first daughter it seeming to drag on towards the end as her patience wore out...if only I could take my glider chair into the cinema and sit and rock with her. Shed be happy for hours! :)
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We chose little fockers in the end based on it being 15 minutes shorter! It was a silly film but it was so fun to be at the cinema again and all the babies coped very well. The manager came in at the beginning and they seem very open to feedback re films to show, timings etc. Kings speech in two weeks. Next week they're showing 127 hours and The Next Three Days. There was a decent crowd there I thought for the first time, although I think most went for the Jake Gyllenhaal choice, for some reason! :)
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Yes I went to see Love and other Drugs. I liked Jake and the fact that he was half naked most of the time but i found the movie quite boring and too much sex, its not appropriate for baby. At 3 months he is too young to watch that lol
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I'm planning on venturing out to the baby screening tomorrow morning for my first ever baby cinema experience and have a couple obvious questions for people who have been before...

Do you take your pram in with you? Do you just breastfeed there and then when needed? What if baby cries, do you whisk them straight out? Does your baby get bored just sitting around in a dark room?

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :)

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My baby is 4 months and loves the cinema, she is transfixed by the big screan and all the noise and usually sleeps better than at home! Everyone merrily breastfeeds away in the cinema and you don't have to take the baby out if it cries, that is kind of the point of the baby only showings I think. Often at the one in Brixton the aisles are packed with crying babies being rocked!

Prams are parked outside the screen so I find a sling easier.

As far as I am aware watch with baby is only on thurs at peckham unless they have changed it this week, and it is on a friday at the Ritzy in Brixton.

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