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Southwark school admissions application help


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Does anyone know enough to confirm that you don't need to provide proof of address or parental responsibility at this initial stage of primary school applications in Southwark? The website and guide don't seem to mention it, but application pages from other boroughs (including Lewisham) say that you definitely do need to do it now.

Our top 2 schools are actually in Lewisham as we live close to the border. I don't know if that makes any difference, but it would be very tedious if we missed out on a place due to misunderstanding admin requirements.

I have phoned Southwark admissions line but they were not able to confidently answer, and suggested that I email instead. Which I did, but the answer won't come for 5 days and the deadline is in 2.

Thank you

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The Southwark admissions line is not helpful or informative. I get 100 per cent of my school admissions info - including regular emails - from Lewisham. Call Lewisham and see what they say. I?m sure they?ll have dealt with your specific situation before. Good luck.
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