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Recommendation for Architect - Joseph Knight - KN Designs


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I would like to make a very big and genuine recommendation for anyone looking for an architect.

We worked with Joseph Knight - KN Designs, on our side return extension and ground floor renovation in Peckham SE15.

From the minute we met he made us feel really happy and excited about the idea, rather than feeling daunted. We had no idea how to make things happen and struggled to visualise or explain what we wanted, but Joe made it all possible and guided us through the whole process from start to finish with a great deal of enthusiasm and patience. He listened to everything we wanted (no matter how vague!) and made it a wonderful reality. Personally, the best thing for me is he made it really easy, stress free and exciting! Every step was taken care of and documented. He is unbelievably organised and detailed and really keeps on top of every aspect of the build from start to finish with weekly site visits and reports. He made himself available throughout for any questions. He quickly reassured us if we had any concerns and went the extra mile to make sure everyone involved was delivering as promised, alleviating any worries at the drop of a hat.

He was really passionate from the get go and we felt so well looked after with his support, his creativity, and his professionalism.

He project managed from start to finish with unbelievable competence - we are coming to the end of our 3 month retention period and I?m so glad we chose Joe ?I?d have no hesitation about working with him again. The final outcome is excellent and has literally changed the way we live at home. Feel free to PM me if you want any more details - I have lots more to say!

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I'd like to second this - we used Joe to do a side return extension in East Dulwich last year. In addition to being a good guy, Joe is passionate about the work he does. He has a lot of creativity and takes you through the process, simplifying things and getting your input as much as possible. The end result is a beautiful and unique space. He also did the project management and this was a godsend, making sure the build was done to high quality and the payment schedule adhered to. Please PM me if you want to know more. Thanks!
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