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Digital controls consultation ? No idea what to call it...


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I?m looking for someone to come to our house and advise on the set up /installation of ?sky buddy? or similar thing which will control WiFi access to different devices at different times of day. A check through all the various media devices - sky tv for limiting YouTube access, ps4, chromebook etc. would also be helpful though I?m just about keeping up w parental controls for content.

Trying to keep up w my young teenagers and think at this stage-I?d rather pay someone to sort it all at once than spend hours figuring things out!

What do I call someone who might do this kind of thing professionally and do they exist?!

Thanks. Sinead

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I am not sure they do exist as a going commercial concern. If you are all Apple, life is quite simple. You set up all the kids accounts under family sharing and can control access from your iPhone. You can set some things to be allowed all the time (maybe phone calls for example) and other things limited to within certain hours and with a time limit too - so for e.g. Instagram can be used between 8am-9pm for a max of 90 mins. The limits work across all devices they are signed into with their apple ID, including iPhone, iPad and Macs. The kids can request extra time from the app they want to use and you'll get an alert on your iPhone and just allow / deny from there. It can be handy if you know it's for homework etc. You can make an appointment for a call with an Apple Genius and they'll sort you out over the phone. Just look up support on the website.

I have no idea if there's an Android equivalent, but possibly so.

Your Internet Service Provider should be able to tell you over the phone if you can and how to create a second network from you router and how to set-up when it's in operation.

I have no idea about Sky or PS4 etc.

Hope you get something sorted.

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