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Can anyone help?

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Hi, I'm on here to see if theres anyone who can help us, I am a single mother of 2 young disabled children and I am showing symptoms of the corona virus. I have no access to food and have tried to do an online shop but there are no delivery slots available. Is there anyone willing to pick food up for us? My sister is also staying with us and is showing similar symptoms - she is 8 months pregnant. We cant find any nappies and shes due to give birth soon. If anyone has any spare nappies or formula please could we take them off your hands? We are willing to pay for food and nappies. We are located in east dulwich.

Thank you so much

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Hi Fleur, I'm one of the admins for the Goose Green Mutual Aid group.

If your street is within the Goose Green ward, please contact me.

You can also edit our spreadsheet {below} to add your name, details & let us know how we may be able to help you in the "individuals" section. You'll be contacted by one of our organisers & assigned a volunteer suitable to your needs.

To save you searching all over the forums & on facebook, here is how you can find us, get in touch or involved!

Goose Green Mutual Aid email: [email protected]

Goose Green Mutual Aid Whatsapp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/LApspsBjIAn5LOJifuRLWO

Goose Green Mutual Aid Newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/d431cd2f8f97/goose-green-mutual-aid

Goose Green Mutual Aid spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ezG8bLmtM0RjuzfgWsxVRZ60jt0PzLVPxQnbW0eZXrs/edit#gid=0

Warmest wishes,

Heather {The Wingless Bird} 07715288964

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Hi Fleur

We use Kendamil milk for our 3 month baby. It?s produced in the U.K. which means if you set up a subscription they will deliver milk to your door each month. It?s ?9 a tin which we found fed our baby as a newborn for c.10 days (it know lasts 7 days as she?s eating more). It?s organic and she got constipated on other milks. The link is here: www.kendamil.com.

Many thanks


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Ps we have one unused tin of Aptamil for new borns which I can deliver to you ? (Our baby ended up preferring kendamil as per my earlier post).

Also, if your sister is having a little girl, I have a bag of freshly washed 0-3 months girls clothes (body suits, sleep suits etc). Very good condition. I can drop these round too.

Let me know via PM if any of these would be any help to you.

Many thanks

Anna x

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