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Hi All

I just wanted to recommend Matthew Farrer- aka Secret Jungle

Matthew: 07808 876820

[email protected]

Instagram: @secretjunglelondon

I searched on here for gardeners and had found a recommendation for him- I had 3 gardeners quote on the job and not only was he the best price but he actually took the time to understand what I was trying to achieve and gave me different options with different prices so I could make the decision as to what I wanted.

He was also the only gardener who really listened to what I wanted in the long term and took that into consideration (we had an unsightly concrete block at the back with a shed on it and the other 2 recommended covering the extra concrete to make it look more attractive where as Matthew knew I didnt really want it there and didn't seem to think it was that big of a job to cut it back- it was definitely a manual job and required more heavy lifting but he seemed up for it knowing that what I really wanted was more garden space and to cut the block back to the size of the shed)

Can send pictures of the before and after if any questions- as we were quite pleased with the end result and also just how easy he was to work with

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Hi, I'm looking for someone to give my garden a make-over, and your recommendation seems sincere. I want to move a shed as well! I'd love to see a before and after photo, if possible and a rough idea of how much I might need to consider spending. Thanks
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Not sure if he does fencing- you may just want to ask him

He?s pretty honest- when we spoke about potentially wanting a little brick wall he recommended someone else and basically said he COULD do it but it?s not his area of expertise and would give us recommendations for other people he knows clients have been happy with

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