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Made in ED - New enterprise just launched - Greeting Cards and more...


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Hi Everyone -

I have been painting birds and have a very new greeting card company (and micro-bookshop, but if you are local, do ignore my book offerings and support the bookshop I used to work at instead - Chener Books as I hope to be back there when I can (I'm on shield list so not chancing it for now!)

I'm an artist based in Ed and have (in a previous life pre-ED) exhibited works at Museum of Modern Art PS1, The Whitney, and other brilliant venues.

Website: https://BirdsInsideMyHead.com

Twitter: @birdsinsidehead

There is a 20% off Sale for Cyber Monday that is active this evening until Tuesday.

Free delivery by bicycle to SE15, SE22,SE23, and SE24 and no plastic packaging...


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