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    • Same here, since last April, near Great Exhibition pub. Particularly bad last autumn and the last two weeks. I would have jumped already but not sure which network will give me a better signal - the coverage maps for all providers seem to show weak signal here. I’m loathe to switch and have same issue/diff provider. Vodaphone have been fine on phone and easy to contact in my opinion, but they seem to read from a script trying the same old fixes which do not work. I think they can see coverage is weak but they’ll never concede that they’re oversubscribed / do not provide a good signal. I’ve also noticed a predictable ’blip’ in voice calls when walking down LL, near parade of shops with Johnnie’s, Baratts, Jade, etc. If we could mobilise collectively we would maybe have some leverage / recognition.    
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    • Had similar with a tradesman on here. Lots of good reviews. First job he did was OK and reasonably priced. Next job he sent someone else along who was very mediocre, stole some stuff from me and the job ended up costing nearly twice the original estimate.
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