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Who collects what?


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It would be quite useful if there was some sort of sticky thread, where charities (or their in-the-know supporters) could keep an up-to-date list of what they do and don't want.

We've had a massive clear-out during lockdown. The main items for distribution are clothes. But we don't want to burden charities with stuff they can't sell, nor do we want to put stuff in a rags back that could make some money for a charity, or go directly to people who need them. Our clothes piles are currently: rags (old jeans, t-shirts and shirts that are well beyond saving), posh rags (cashmere jumpers and suits with moth holes, but good quality material otherwise), good quality clothes that we just don't wear, well-used but adequate baby clothes, and hardly-worn baby clothes.

Add in the different types of furniture that charities do/don't want (upholstered or wooden only, with/without fire safety labels), electronics, CDs (only albums or singles too?), DVDs, old VHSs, vinyl (like the earlier thread - do charities want any old vinyl or just rare classics?) and the forum could have a really useful directory for passing on our "pre-loved" items.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for our various clothes piles, please fire away.

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Seabag Wrote:


> Sue Wrote:

> --------------------------------------------------

> -----

> > I thought this was going to be a thread where

> > forum members could say what they collected, eg

> > stamps :))


> I collect cook books Sue


> What do you collect?

Dust 🤣

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Alex TLC wrote on 8 December at https://www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk/forum/read.php?30,2169978 (Businesses section)


> We have five charity shops in London : Forest

> Hill, Greenwich, Peckham, Walworth Road & Penge.


> We sell anything and everything of good quality

> and welcome all good quality donations including

> electrical items.


> We have a FREE local collection service for

> residents in south-east London from Tuesday to

> Saturday.


> If you would like to make a donation or arrange

> for a collection, please call 020 7701 4388 or

> email [email protected]

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OutOfFocus Wrote:


> That is a good idea


> > nor do we want to put stuff in a rags back

> > that could make some money for a charity,


> The people in the Mind shop have told me : the

> rag bank and leaving bags in shop are effectively

> the sane thing. They sift through both to spot

> saleable items.

The young chaps who seem to have taken over the running of the shop (as opposed to the older women) for most of this year, also sift through the donations and keep the best stuff for themselves, i reckon. That place used to a goldmine, now all the decent clobber seems to be worn by the lads that hang around at the till!

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