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Please Help If You Can Deadline to help refugees in Dunkirk Wed 9th Dec


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Thank you so much for your response, I've had a few now and it's been heartening to see the community response. I can offer two options for collection.

If you would like to drop it off then there is a collection point at Good up coffee shop between 10am-4pm, Nunhead Green.

If you would like me to collect then I can do so at some point on Wednesday, just please supply me ( email: [email protected] ) with your address and a time window convenient for you

Thank you very much



Charlie Chappers

Great to hear you are returning!

Just to say the only clothing we really need right now are warm winter jackets and shoes or boots sizes 41-44 (7.5-9.5)

One thing we are desperate for right now are old smartphones or iPhones. Many people are losing phones in the sea when or having them destroyed by police. They are an essential lifeline, if people have any old ones please consider donating them !

Urgent Warm Clothing Appeal For Refugees. IF YOU CAN HELP: Please email Sariel with your offer to include contact number and full address, thank you.

[email protected]

Your donation will be helping the most vulnerable and neglected in our International community.

Shared on behalf of my friend Sariel in Nunhead.


We are going to the jungle in Dunkirk on Thursday 9th Dec as part of a documentary we are making. The refugees there are in need of warm winter clothing and boots as well as sleeping bags blankets and tents, if you have any that you're getting rid of please drop me a message and I will collect next week. Thank you!

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