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The ladder has retuned

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Hello Eri77

I live in West Dulwich too. Thanks for sharing your experience with 'A1 Roofing'. Sean just rang my doorbell and said he's working in the area and offered his services. Matched your description perfectly.

I told Sean he's on the East Dulwich Forum as a rogue trader and that he stole someone's ladder. He said he's just taken it back. I told him I'm NOT interested in whatever services he's offering and sent him away with a flea in his ear. Last seen walking hastily away talking on his mobile phone.

Beware West Dulwich residents - Sean & A1 Roofing are door knocking in our area right now!

Cheers, Super Sleuth.

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Hi Super Sleuth.

Thank you so much for your message! Sean has just returned the ladder and told us that one of the guys fell off the ladder yesterday and didn't have a chance to return.

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