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Private Language Tutor for Italian / English as foreign languages

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Do you need a private language tutor for your study of Italian or English (as a second language) for your work?

We are out of the EU but not out of Europe and you may wish to be able to speak Italian as a very important continental Europe language now and in the future!

Also, if you have recently come into the UK and your English is not fluent enough to develop your activities, why don't you solve this problem and progress your study or career quickly?

I am pleased to offer my service "Speak Italian / English with Maria" to students in Dulwich and surrounding areas for A-levels, further education / academic purposes or for business projects.

I have time for max two new students from January 2022 onwards.

I will be able to help with a bespoke programme to reach your goals, meeting you mainly in person for sessions up to 60 or 90 minutes each.

I charge between 25? and 60? per session depending very much on the starting level, your goals, the time required to prepare your materials.

All meetings take place in person in quite cafes', meeting rooms or other suitable public spaces in Dulwich, Peckham, Camberwell, Brixton, Herne Hill, Streatham Hill and surrounding areas where there is good ventilation (and still in place a safe level of Covid measures for the time being). Possibly from January onwards we will have more choices of venues.

I also do curricular integrations or revisions, review of translations, conversations via chats and video calls and similar support activities.

If you are interested in "Speak with Maria" from January on it is convenient to approach me before the end of November.

Many thanks! Grazie mille!

Maria Longo

Mobile 07887990108

email [email protected]

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I do not offer groups lessons at the moment because it would be impossible for me to deal with the administrative costs but if you already have a motivated group of up to 6 people or if you are recruiting teachers / tutors as a private school or training agency I am happy to consider your request. Many thanks


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