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Pregnancy Fit - Wednesday 10th November 2021

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Using a mixture of standing, seated and floor work, Pregnancy Fit aims to work the whole body using light resistance and props. This class will pay special attention to posture, core and breathing and allow you to become more in tune with your changing body. A lot of women are unsure of what they can and can?t do when it comes to exercise during pregnancy so this class aims to give women the confidence to keep active by doing exercise that will support the body and prepare you for birth and beyond.

Exercises are chosen specially for the pregnant woman and will prepare the body for the physical challenges of each trimester, promote good posture minimising back pain, maintain pelvic floor function, manage pelvic discomfort, maintain muscle strength and tone, release tightness and promote relaxation through breathing.

You can join this class at any stage of pregnancy so long as you have clearance by your midwife or GP to exercise.

Courses are run in blocks of 5 weeks at Push Studios, drop in classes are also available. This course is also streamed live online and recorded, if you are not local to Dulwich.

Course: Pregnancy Fit

Start date: Wednesday 10th November 2021

Time: 7pm to 8pm

Location: Push Studios 17-19 Blackwater Court Blackwater Street East Dulwich Se22 8SD

Duration: 5 weeks

Cost: ?70.00

Cost on Zoom: ?55.00

Cost Zoom Dropin: ?12.00

BOOK NOW: [jellybellypt.com]

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