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Dulwich Handy - avoid this tradesperson

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I am posting this here to save other people from having their home damaged by this tradesman - I am happy to provide extensive photos of the damage if requested.

I noticed humps in my flooring and had a few tradesmen round to look at/quote to repair. They all explained there wasnt a big enough expansion gap so they would take the skirting off and cut a gap to release the floor. Sadly nobody was able to come and fix the issue for a while and I wanted it fixed ASAP to avoid further damage.

I posted on this forum and Dulwich Handy - Daniel Bankowski offered to come and take a look. As he was able to repair it quickly I took a risk and hired him.

Although he fixed the issue, he did the following:

- He took up some of the boards and relaid them (this wasnt something I asked him to do) but laid them out of sequence (in one place, two boards side by side finish at the same point) so the board pattern looks terrible

- he didnt cut the edge boards straight so now there are gaps in places between the flooring and skirting that I am going to have to hide with a silicon bead

- there are 5 areas of damage where the laminate has been ripped off or has cracked and lifted so now they are vulnerable to water damage as they are in the hallway (because of the pattern on the floor it was hard to see this until I was on the floor painting the skirting)

- He didnt cut an expansion gap in one key area where the humps formed so I had to take the skirting off and do it myself

- he used polyfiller to repair the skirting - not wood filler - so it cracked and fell off as soon as it dried out

- he has put down a badly damage board in the corner that I am going to have to replace myself

I asked him for some money back to pay for some new boards and he has refused to acknowledge my request. He spoke ill of previous customers who were unhappy with his work (a huge red flag) and even told me he damaged their property by painting a polish flag when they left a bad review and accused another lady of 'being on the menopause' because she was unhappy with him.

I would not recommend Daniel at all - if anything, please avoid this man - sadly he gives tradesmen a bad reputation.

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Just seconding this message to avoid Daniel Bankowski. I had chosen him after reading a number of very positive reviews on EDF, which now (thankfully) seem to have been removed (well done admins).

I had booked him to do several days consecutive work - it was important the work happened within one week to meet schedule of other works happening, which he said would be no problem. I paid a higher day rate for the privilege. He gave me all number of increasingly implausible excuses which meant he decided to stretch the labour time over almost four weeks! During which time the downstairs of my house was unusable almost constantly - a complete tip with dust and mess everywhere. In the end, I paid him for an extra day but he didn?t even finish the work. I was left with holes in my walls, a lightswitch dangling off the wall, had to finish two big areas of painting myself and clean up (even after he?d supposedly cleaned there was still dust and mess everywhere). And that was despite the fact we agreed he would not do some of the jobs on the list he?d originally agreed to, as he consistently and repeatedly underestimated the amount of time jobs would take. Like @joannamariaparker07, I was surprised that he freely badmouthed other clients - as well as telling me he had to go back-and-forth between the job for me and a higher-paying client! Some of the work he did was a good standard but overall I felt ripped off and disappointed, and couldn?t believe I had so much left to do and clean up after paying his higher rate.

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ken78 Wrote:


> KidKruger Wrote:

> --------------------------------------------------

> -----

> > What was the ?higher day-rate? pls ?


> why do you want to know about the higher day rate

> ? just asking

Because I?m curious as to what that amounts to.

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