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Girls shoes: Office, Startrite, unworn & as new (37-39) & clothes, 8-14yrs

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Office Loafers: see last post

For school shoes, see post below

More warm clothes on later posts below.

All for sale unlessmarked as SOLD

All in excellent or very good condition unless stated otherwise

Girls Harlequin pale green rugby top, unworn + tags, 10-11yrs: ?4 (sorry no photo)

Photo: 12 ? 13 yrs 1 dress & 2 skirts

Miss Selfridge grey dress GB size 4: ?5

Tammy Girl grey layered skirt, elasticated waist, 12-13yrs: ?3

SOLD Ted Baker denim skirt, 12 yrs: ?4

Crystal Palace Rd, near Heber Rd

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More Girls 12 ? 13 years,

Photo 1: 2 Hoodies

SOLD Jack Wills raspberry, size 8, vgc: ?9

SOLD Abercrombie & Fitch bubblegum, zip through, size small, good condition: ?7

Photo 2: 11 ? 13 yrs tops & trousers

GONE Newlook white with red check, cap sleeve shirt, 12 yrs/152cm, vgc: ?4

Exprit two tone pink stripe top, long sleeved, 11-13yrs, 152-158, unworn + tags: ?4

GONE Next white super skinny jeggings, 6R though look Long to me, good condition: ?4

Not in photo: LAgear Tennis top, size 8 ?, 11-13 yrs, good condition: ?3

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All Gone in this post, see posts below for more

More tops & shorts 10 ? 12 yrs

Gone Old Navy Snoopy T, 11 yrs (2 available): ?2 each

Gone Old Navy singlets 10 ? 12 yrs: ?2 each

Gone Day glow pink singlet 11 yrs: ?1

Gone M&S black bolero, 12 yrs: ?2.50

Gone Miss Evie denim shorts, 11 yrs: ?2.50

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All GONE in this post see posts below for more.

Girls 9 ? 12 years, more tops & bottoms

All in very good or excellent condition


H&M long sleeved blue, 9-10 yrs: ?3

Miss Evie short T shirt ?love is magic?, 10-11yrs : ?2

Johhnie B blue with anchor, size small (10-11yrs): ?2

Generation soft raspberry Aztec pattern, 11-12yrs: ?2

Generation blue & coloured pattern cropped top, 10-11 yrs: ?2

1 pair H&M three quarter length black leggings, 10-12 yrs: ?3

1 H&M black shorty jumpsuit, 11-12 yrs: ?3

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Size3-5 canvas shoes + flipflops added

All in excellent condition as bought too small and worn only a few times

Newlook large Size 3/36 (could fit a 4) black with pattern of tiny roses: ?3

SOLD Peacocks Size 5/38 navy blue pumps: ?3

Monsoon size 3/4 flipflops turquoise & gold seagrass tops, strong rubber soles, worn once: ?5 (photos on post below)

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Warm Girls? Clothes 7 ? 12 years

All in v good condition

Photo 1

Cath Kidston dressing gown, cream with coloured stars, 7-8 yrs ?5

Photo 2:

Fatface Purple Coat, warm & cosy, true colour is not as bright as in photo, 10?11/12 years ?10

Photo 3:

SOLD Gap grey & blue v soft top (acrylic/nylon/mohair) 12-13 yrs (more like 11 ? 12yrs) ?3

Crystal Palace Road

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2 pairs jeggings:

SOLD Roomy size 6, ?3

SOLD Skinny size 6, ?4

GONE Short sleeved hoody, size 10/12, ?2

GONE white sweatshirt size 8/10, ?3

GONE Checked country shirt with tie up sleeves, size 8, ?3

3 New look tops

GONE Short sleeve size 8/10 ?2

SOLD Long sleeve dark size 10, ?4

GONE Long sleeve grey 12-13yrs, ?3

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Spring/Summer clothes

Photo 1: Dresses & 1 Skirt 10 ? 12 yrs

GONE Urban, black ditsy print, smocked top, slightly puffball, dress or tunic, 12 yrs: ?5

GONE Fendi white & black tunic top, 10yrs, ?4

H&M peppermint tennis style dress, 10-12yrs: ?4

Old Navy white with navy stripes, long sleeved T shirt dress, 10-12yrs, unworn: ?5

GONE blue/green with rose print skirt, 11yrs: ?4 & matching shoulder bag: ?2

Photo 2: 3 pairs shorts, good as new ,

Johnnie Boden Beach shorts:

SOLD Green & white 24in, 10-12yrs, ?3

Red & white, 28in, 12-14yrs, ?4

SOLD FatFace denim, 10-11yrs, ?5

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Left to Right Shoes

Startrite 'Burford' size 39F, as new, unworn. I purchased them from Biff in Dulwich for ?46. Selling for ?30.

Eram sand coloured suede smart/casual summer shoes, size 37, very good condition, ?5

'Farringdon London' school shoes, size 5, excellent condition, ?10.

& some more clothes

GONE M&S blue & white Boston Eagles Sweatshirt size 8, ?3

GONE M&S grey & white stripped cropped sweatshirt size 8, ?2

GONE H&M maroon/burgundy cropped zip through hood, size small, ?3

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Monsoon Angels bikini in colourful tropical print, as new/with labels/unworn, 11-12 years, cost ?12, selling for ?7

SOLD Boden swimsuit in lilac/blue with cream polka dots, shoulder straps with adjustable length, 11-12 yrs, vgc, ?5

Pink bikini top with purple polka dots, 14 years, excellent condition, ?3

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SOLD Girls full length TWF wetsuit in a size 6.

I think this would fit a 10-12 year old and possibly a slim/petite 13 year old, but please check all the measurements:

From just beside the neck/collar to the crotch: 62cm

Chest: 75cm, waist: 65 cm, hips: 70cm.

From crotch to ankle: 70cm.

Very good condition: ?12

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Office very dark patent navy blue,could pass for black, size 39 but a small fit, so more like a 38, which is why we are selling them, ie my daughter bought the wrong size and then wore them for a day. R.r.p approx ?65, so would like ?30.
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