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Amature Photographer looking for excuse to take camera out


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I seem to have a bit of time on my hands lately and had the idea it would be nice to offer any small local business or organisations some photo shoots, I have minimal kit, no lighting, more suited to well lit conditions, however I have shot in dark theatres, (my brighter lens requires me to be at a bit of a distance) I'm not great with coming up with ideas but maybe you have an idea of something you would like, I like candids and people at work or occupied with something, I may consider individual or private but please be aware I'm not greatly experienced in that field and understand I'm not going to take my camera out to go meet some total stranger in some dodgy location.

I'm not looking for payment at this stage as I do not call myself a pro

donations or beers will however not be turned down, but honestly I just enjoy photgraphy and am offering this because I would like to, at the moment.

I will link to my Flikr page at the bottom, if your interested it would be nice to hear from you, thanks


Note to admin, I also placed this in business services, sorry if it's wrong threads I just don't know which forum it would belong to

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