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Neocate LCP (0-12 months) help please - anyone with a baby prescribed this?

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I'm expecting no3 at the end of October. My first two were born allergic to dairy. My now four year old is growing out of it as is my 19 month old. When I was pregnant with no2 I asked if I could be prescribed some neocate (even though I planned on bfing) just so daddy could be involved early on and as my first would not take a bottle. I was refused as there has to be a baby to prescribe it for to get a script so I had to wait until I got him into the system before I could start him on it. He never really got into it, but for peace of mind it would be great to have some for no3 so that there isn't that time lag this time around. I actually have 2 unopened tins left over but their use by dates are early September and October 2015-not much use to me. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that would be willing to swap these tins with me so that I have something for this baby when it arrives, as it is highly likely to be off dairy as well. Please pm me if you can help. Many thanks.

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