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Bear Drills - Dulwich Park Fitness Class - Wed 7-8pm

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Bear Drills is now outside, taking full advantage of the beautiful Dulwich Park and lovely weather.

Bear Drills was created as an alternative to your normal exercise classes. Bear Drills is focused on making you stronger and fitter and giving you a class where you will really feel the benefit in your daily life. The class is great for people wanting to regain the fitness they used to have or to improve upon the level they already have. Each week you will use different equipment and formats which stops you from getting bored with the same old routine.

Bear Drills is held in Dulwich Park, every Wednesday from 7:00-8:00pm. If you want to see what Bear Drills involves check out our Facebook page for some action shots.

Sessions cost ?7 or you can take advantage of the block-booking offer and get 5 sessions for ?30!

For your free trial session email Tom at [email protected] or alternatively tweet @bear_drills and quote 'I'm going on a bear hunt'.

Check Out the Facebook Page (and like to keep up to date!) by searching Bear Drills Fitness and follow on Instagram @bear_drills_fitness.

It's a daunting task to start a new class but please don't be scared, Bear Drills is a fun and friendly class that is welcoming to all.

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    • There are pluses and minus's here. The major minus is that any general disquiet is somewhat diminished by there being no 'open' session - and no one to keep tabs on what is being said to individuals or groups. In a Southwark session on CPZs for instance my partner was told that the probable time for being active would be weekdays from 12.00 to 2.00 - which wasn't even on offer when the questionnaire was finally published. This isn't by the way a CPZ issue, so don't rise to it, but an example about the way this sort of consultation in general can be manipulated. On the plus side it can involve more people - which is clearly a good thing.
    • First time i came to East Dulwich was to have sunday lunch at La Careme with my parents around 1980. It was where Sema Thai was I think. I was in hall of residence round back of fox on the hill and i think they wanted to go there because east dulwich seemed 'posher' than Camberwell even back then before it was gentrified.
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    • They they can't do right for doing wrong for some people can they? Two sessions is surely to allow as many as can attend, some people may find evenings difficult due to work or caring commitments.  Longer drop in sessions rather than one meeting at a specific time also helps people with constrained time or those who may feel intimidated by the thought of speaking up at a large meeting, planning consultation  sessions are often held this way.    Peckham levels is local surely - it's about four bus stops from the Peckham Rye area or a nice summer evening  stroll away. Anyone would think some people were determined to find fault in everything. 
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