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Baby/Toddler activities during summer holidays

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Apologies if this question has been posed before.

I'm looking for inspiration of how to keep busy with my 14/15 month old during the summer holidays (I'm a teacher with term-time only childcare).

Aside from playing in the garden/park, swimming, play dates, I'm really wondering if there are any play schemes/play groups that run over the summer so that my little boy can continue to play with other children.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Petra_29,

I think we may have been in touch last year??

We're also in the same boat as it seems everything stops during the school holidays and it's getting more and more difficult to be imaginative and find different options to entertain an energetic 15 months old.

I'm not really sure what you're looking for but I am considering and may well try Gymboree which I believe is a new class that have arrived to Dulwich.


There's also a stay and play group in Peckham Rye Park on a Monday afternoon 13.30-15.30 and messy play on a Tuesday afternoon by Dog Kennel Hill.

Not sure if you're wanting to go as far as Herne Hill but there is a soft play cafe there which might be a good option on a bad weather day.

I haven't yet been to any of these but will try them out and see what they're like.

I'm working Thursday, Fridays but if that's something you'd consider or if you just wanted to hook up for a play date one day then just give me a shout.

Have a lovely evening.

Emma x

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Hi. Is this a drop in class or do we need to register. When you say 'most Wednesday's over th summer, so you have any in mind it won't be running so we don't come on these days? I'd be interested for my son over the summer. Longer term do you run any classes on a Monday? Thanks!

Walterstaekwondo Wrote:


> Hi, our toddler classes will be running most

> Wednesdays throughout the summer if that's

> something you want to try:)

> We're in the Bussey building, Peckham rye. Flyer

> attached.


> facebook.com/walterstaekwondotoddlers

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Hi Strawbs, our classes are drop in, no need to register. This is the only class we have for this age group at the moment. At 3.5 years, children can try our children's beginner class, Tuesday's 16:30 or Saturdays 12:00.

Our summer timetable is still being finalised, but at present only Wednesday 26th August will need to be cancelled. Will definitely update if anything changes.


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Hi, many of the children's centres have activity days and trips over the Summer, e.g: http://dkh.org.uk/childrens-centre Contact them to find out in advance what's on. Mother Goose nursery had wildlife garden days last year, the wild life garden on marsden rd may also have stuff on? I can also personally recommend letting your child go crazy in Harrods toy kingdom on rainy afternoons. Works for me😉
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