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Help! French baby formula


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We're in France (coming back on Sat) and I've miscalculated our 9wk old's food so my Aptamil stocks are a couple of feeds short. Aptamil doesn't seem to be sold in France and I'm not sure what French brand would be considered a "good" one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I think Aptamil is Milupa in France but not sure how widely available it is.

Take yourself to a pharmacy with a bottle of Aptamil and explain your predicament. French pharmacists are the most helpful in the world (fact!)

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Yes I would recommend too to go in any pharmacy.Depend where you are in France, they might not have a great English speaking but they are usually very professionnal.

They will find you the closest french formula according to your usual English formula milk.

In France we have a much bigger variety of formula milk as women do not breasfeed as frequently as women here or not for so long as maternity leave there is usually for 3 months only..

" Gallia " is an excellent brand and you can take a sensitive digestion one if you fear your child can be disturbed by a change .

Milk there are categorised by group of age too.

Guigoz is an excellent brand too ( https://www.guigoz.fr/ )

You find those brands in supermarket too, but in their basic range of milk. If you prefer to go for the specific ones or some with higher digestion sp?cifications, they are sold only in pharmacy (such as the ones adapted to food allergy, anti-dhiarrehea, colic treatment etc)

In supermarket, "Bledilait" offers ready mixed bottle of milk for group age 9-12 mths and others age groups up to 3 yrs old.(as french kids do not drink normal/adult milk before 3 due to pediatrician recommandations)

Good luck and have a nice time in France!


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