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living roof for bike box


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Thanks for this RC. Does this mean you're having the container for the sedum already built in? We have a ready made bike box and it's the roof top tray I'm trying to find. As I've seen a few around I thought it might be possible to buy them ready made but Internet search not turning anything up.
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Have yet to order the sedum trays but from web this is what I got

So the sedeum tray is already made up you just need an upstand around the perimeter of the area you intend to use

Give them a call

very helpful so far

Farm office: 01747 830176

Email: [email protected]

Guide to installing your S-Pod Module or Sedum Tray


1. Unpack and water S-Pods/Sedum Trays on arrival.

2. Make sure you have an upstand around the perimeter of the area you intend to use. This can be an aluminium trim which we can supply or something of your own choice.

3. Clear area where you intend to use the S-Pods/Sedum Trays.

4. Make sure there is an adequate waterproof membrane and root barrier on the roof before you commence laying the S.Pods/Sedum Green Trays.

5. Set up ladders or platforms for easy and safe access to the roof.

6. Click the S-Pods/Sedum Trays together in a row. Start from the lower edge, or the initial edge that is to be seen. Any cuts can then be made in area out of sight.

7. Each S-Pod/Sedum Tray has a lip which clicks on the top of the next one, alternatively.

8. S-Pods or Trays can be cut with a grinder or similar tool. Face any cuts so they are not seen from the edge, i.e. on the inside edge. Alternatively, fill any gaps with pebbles which we can also supply. Over time the sedum will grow over the edges and soften the appearance, they will intertwine and no edges of the S-Pods will be seen.

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