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Yoga classes at Dulwich Chiropractic Clinic - spaces available

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Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that some spaces have become available in both yoga classes on Monday evenings at Dulwich Chiropractic Clinic. A new four week block starts next week on Monday 22 June.

Monday 6.30-8pm (more experienced students) (SPACES AVAILABLE)

Monday 8-9.30pm (beginners) (ONE SPACE LEFT)

Classes are small and intimate with a maximum number of five students so there is a lot of scope for individual attention. As well as asana (posture) I also focus on yogic breathing techniques which is a great way to de-stress and calm the mind. Men and women welcome.

Dulwich Chiropractic Clinic

277 Crystal Palace Road

East Dulwich

SE22 9JH

Classes run in four week blocks:

?48 to sign up for a 4 week course

?13.50 per class drop-in rate

Please check with me first whether a space is available for you. If you would like any further information, please PM me or ring me on 07595 459 895. I should be delighted to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Chrissie Cunningham



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I have been going to Chrissie's classes for a while now and can wholeheartedly recommend them. My overall health has improved. My strength and flexibility has improved and I sleep so much better after a class. I would definitely recommend these classes.

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