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Lactation consultant recommendation


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Looking for a recomendation for a lactation consultant that does home visits.

I am three days post c section and struggling to feed, there is a question over a posterior tongue tie but as I have 2 other children I really need someone that will come to the house.

Thanks in advance.


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Ann Dobson cut my daughter's posterior tongue tie on my sofa (after it had been missed by several other people!). I would thoroughly recommend her, I wish I'd gone with my gut and got her in earlier than 10 weeks. I had an appointment within a day or so of calling her. Her details are on her website. She was recommended to me by a friend who also used her to help with tongue tie breastfeeding issues.
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Anna Cannon is an ibclc and midwife she runs several of the milk spots each week. Jessops on monday & rosendale on Wednesday but she will also does private.

She is one of tongue tie team at kings too.

I've had terrible trouble with both my children and wouldn't have made it without her.

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