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Scarf in Peckham rye cafe


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Hello there , I'm gutted as I put yesterday in the missing section my scarf / shawl which I had lost I thought in Peckham rye . It was misplaced it turns out and by mistake put in the lost property box in Peckham rye cafe . Someone has taken this scarf and I would so dearly like it back . Please . I got it from a friend who emergrated to Australia 3 weeks ago and it's orangey purpley reddish paisleyish soft woven scarf , and recognisable as a one off ! Please could you leave it if you have it in the office at the Peckham rye cafe as I'd be sooooo happy
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Still no return of my scarf , In the case it has been taken or recognised by someone Please return it to the cafe at Peckham rye or at the wardens office , you could just post it in their letterbox by the door just before you cross the stream . I'd really like it back thankyou
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