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Cub and Scout leaders/volunteers wanted

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We are looking for volunteers who can help once a week at Scouts or Cubs. We meet locally and it is a great opportunity to get involved with the local community and help kids learn new skills and be outdoors.

If you want to know more about how you can help just email: Nigel at [email protected].

Thanks for looking.

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The group meets on College Rd (SE21) - as a card carrying atheist I assure you it's free of "you must be catholic" requirements (surely that can't be the case with cubs/scouts anyway? That's terrible!).

My son went on his first camp over the bank holiday, absolutely loved it. He's one of the youngest in the group, all the children have been really welcoming and Nigel is an excellent leader.

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I'm not thinking of that one but the one in East Dulwich.

There was a thread about it recently: http://www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk/forum/read.php?20,1416449,page=2

Although as one of the volunteers / organisers of that troupe posts under the nom de forum of "markydesade" I'm not entirely sure that I'd want him anywhere near my children - displaying as it does either astonishingly poor judgement or a genuine affinity with violent sexual sadist ... hey ho.

Really glad to hear there's another group nearby and that your son had good fun on camp.

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