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Fourth time my parcels have gone missing from FHR post office

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Okay this can't be just bad luck now.

Over the past nine months, I've had 4 parcels not turn up to their destination when sending from Forest Hill Road post office. Yes, they're always labelled and paid correctly and yes I keep the receipt but still. I won't risk it again.

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I have had 3 parcels missing from forest hill post office. I will not post anything from their again. I send all items via recorded delivery. The tracking is saying it was posted from the post office but is still in their system out for delivery 3 months later!!! its disgusting. I wonder why they are closing down
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You can complain to Royal Mail here:


They have their own investigation service, and employees who are thieving (I'm assuming you think that is what is happening?) are prosecuted.

However clearly Royal Mail can't investigate if they aren't told about problems. If they don't receive formal complaints then they cannot identify any patterns relating to missing items.

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You find dishonest people in all forms of employment, I guess, and Royal Mail is no exception.

However in their case it is post which goes missing.

That's why they have an investigation department .....

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Nilesh (the Post Master of the Forest Hill Post Office) is the Chair of the Peckham Rye and Nunhead Safer Neighbourhood Team Police Ward Panel.

He is also a business man. This post office is quite likely to be the most honest post office in the entire history of the world.....

But I am sorry your stuff has gone missing.

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Surely the parcels could have gone missing at any point in their journey from their posting to their delivery?

Royal Mail would look at the whole scenario and identify common factors in items reported missing.

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annabel42 Wrote:


> Thoroughly agree with Peckham Rose. Having had

> unfortunate episodes with other post offices I

> will not send anything valuable from any post

> office other than Forest Hill Road.

How can you be sure that the items went missing from the post offices where they were posted?

Posting at a particular post office does not guarantee they will not go missing at some future point in their journey!

If you are sending anything valuable, you should use Royal Mail's Special Delivery service. That's what it's there for.


All Recorded Delivery does is record whether or not an item has been delivered. It does not track the item at each stage of its journey. It is not intended for valuables, but for when you need confirmation that a document, for example, has been received.

Special Delivery items are tracked at every stage of their journey, and if one was to go missing it would be quite clear where that happened (and possibly who was handling it at the time, though a postal worker would have to be pretty stupid to take a tracked item).

It's not an expensive service.

But as I said above, it's somewhat pointless complaining on a forum about things going missing in the post unless you also report them to Royal Mail.

ETA: And if something does go missing, you won't get compensation unless it was sent Special Delivery.

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