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MP4 Editor Recommendation Required


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If you have Windows, you download a free program from Microsoft called Movie Maker. It's a bit simplistic, but good for small, uncomplicated edits and is pretty easy to use.

If you want to do something more than Movie Maker can handle, then I use Sony Vegas. A friend used Adobe Premier. Both are good, but both have quite big learning curves, though.

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Hi se22cat

I have Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS6 which I paid for .. Expensive.

Adobe now have Creative Cloud and do not sell products outright. You hire the complete suite or parts of it

on a monthly basis. ?

Loz.. Yes I already have Microsoft Movie Maker.. It seems to come with all Windows based PCs.

It might be enough for my initial needs..

I Googled 'Best MP4 Editors' and found a Youtube video which suggested Wondershare..

.. which has a free trial which allows you to save your work but with a Watermark..

So you need to buy the package to use it properly..

I only just bought my Camcorder today .. Panasonic W570 which seems nice to use.

But I haven't made any movies yet..

I'll be out and about soon..


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