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French Playgroup for a 3 year old...


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Good evening.

Please could you give me more details about your expectations/ how often a week/ where/why/ a little boy or girl

I am French teacher/ 47 years old/ primary and secondary teacher and tutoring at Dulwich.

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No but there seem to be a growing number of French families looking for conversation opportunities for their children (and themselves). I tried to instigate a meet up a few years back but it didn't take off. I thought a last Sunday of the month afternoon meet up (pub with playroom or park) might be a nice way to meet other French people/French speaking folk. Any thoughts?

I have a 3 yo and 1 yo.

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Hi guys - sorry for the slow reply ;-)

My little boy speaks French with his Daddy and English with me - he needs a bit of encouragement with his French which is why we thought a playgroup might work.

We're moving to Geneva next month, am sure it'll all sort itself out when we're there!

PS Greenwater - the Sundays are a great idea, we're about this Sunday if you would like to meet up?

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