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Sunray Gardens - time for a spruce up?

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Has anyone noticed how overgrown Sunray Gardens is looking lately? I don't remember it getting like this before.

I'm in there nearly every day and the nettles and brambles along the path around the lake are quite out of control. It makes walking round with a toddler quite tricky. The smaller unpaved paths to the playground are also overgrown.

I'm all for a bit of natural planting in an urban park but it would be good to be able to let small children explore a bit without having to keep them away from all the harmful stuff.

Just wondered if anyone has emailed Southwark before I look into it..

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Is Rebecca the person to talk to re overgrown trees on Barry Road (e.g. outside 174 but also all along the road)? The trunks are very thick and when the branches and twigs grow out it can really obstruct the most nimble of folk.

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Hi nigello,

Street trees aren't covered by parks.

Email [email protected]

If you don't get a sensible response please feel free to escalate to me or my ward colleagues.

Hi niksterboots,

You should ask Rebecca what the plans are for the playground.

Every year we have Cleaner, Greener, Safer devolved capital budgets - you could apply for funds to upgradeo r replace one or two items.

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Is this even in east dulwich? Youre not an MP for this area are you james?

James Barber Wrote:


> I'm not sure if the friends group is still active

> - does anyone know/have contact details?


> It has a Green Flag so well worth you contacting

> Southwark Council to point out any issues -

> [email protected]

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I'm in Sunray Gardens regularly and agree that it's been overgrown for a while now, especially around the lake area. It's been full of overgrown brambles and stinging nettles for ages now and I'm forever having to watch out with the children I look after. Also the lake area has been in a stagnated state recently but maybe that's because of the weather? Seems a shame as it had an overhaul a few years ago.

There's certain areas which the parks people keep well maintained and then areas which I've emailed about which are cut down for no reason and then left to stagnate.

The playground area was refurbished a few years ago so not sure if there's any funds for more updates?

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