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Peckham Pulse soft play Health & Safety


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Just found out from our Nanny that adults are now no longer allowed upstairs at soft play due to Health and Safety reasons! Thus he can't let the little ones go upstairs any more as it's not really safe for two 20 month olds to roam up there on their own. Does anyone know anything about this? Seems ridiculous and surely less safe for the kids.
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Yes, I got a thorough telling off for being up there with my kids a couple of months ago. Apparently "it causes too much wear and tear on the frame". Ho hum. Means I no longer go there as neither of my children are capable of managing it by themselves, and they get too bored being downstairs.

From what I saw the day I was there (school holidays) it means that older kids get the chance to run riot, blocking off parts of the upstairs section so that the little ones can't get through.

Happily the soft play at Beckenham Spa still allow adults to take part, and it's much cleaner/nicer/more fun than Peckham!

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I got told off years ago for being 'upstairs' at PP - back when my 5 year old was around 2, so I think it has always been the rule, maybe it just always doesn't get enforced so much.

I agree it is annoying, I've been to other soft play's up in Derbyshire where my Mum and Sister live and they also allow adults to go up to the higher levels with the children.


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