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is there a nifty way of doing a 'forward to all' email


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Dear Admin,

call you tell me if there is there a nifty way of doing a 'forward to all' email???

when I send out reminders and news to the regulars for the monthly Backgammon evening I have to (sort of, as typing in the first letter brings up all those that start with that letter) re-enter all the names. I would love to just be able to re-send to my existing group and just add in any new comers... any tips?

thanks in advance and hope you are refreshed for hols


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If someone's ever replied to all on one of your previos circulars, just do a reply to all on that with all new content. But no I don't think there's a mail group type functionality on the forum I'm afraid.

I guess you could get everyones email addresses atthe event itself and use email, or phone numbers and text(some phones allow for txting groups)

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Possibly helpful is the Buddies option - if you add people as a Buddy (you can do this by clicking on their name in any message, and at the bottome of their profile you will see the relevant link) , and click on the Buddies link in the PM page, you get a list of people you have added - just tick the box next to each name you want to send to
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