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Moderating the family room

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Hello everyone

You may not know that the Family Room has its own moderator, just as it has its own community of users and a feel that is perhaps slightly different from some of the other areas of the Forum.

To be honest, moderating the family room is a fairly low-intervention matter. Other than moving threads to the right section, it's generally a polite place, and (with the odd exception when trolls wander in) does not need much moderating. But I have asked Admin to provide me with a login so that I can message people when I need to moderate their posts for any reason, as I feel more comfortable explaining interventions where possible.

Since I'll therefore occasionally be posting to explain what I've been up to, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself and say hello to the family room community. I'd welcome any comments on the board, and how it feels to you. My perception is that the family room is a fairly laid-back and welcoming place, where advice sought and given is supportive and constructive. My feeling is that some of the more, erm, vigorous exchanges of ideas that happen regularly in the other EDF boards might not work so well in this room, where topics are often very personal and sensitive, and I have very occasionally removed messages that I felt would upset people. In future, if I do so I intend to add a note to explain why - however, as I said I anticipate it will be rare.

So you won't see a huge number of posts from me, but I wanted you all to know that there is a specific moderator for this room, and that if you have any questions or comments you can direct them to me by post or by PM.

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Ha - FRM, further to EDMummy's post on another thread.....can you get in here with some cakes, biscuits and cups of tea please ...think everyone is a bit overtired and hormonal at the moment........maybe we jinxed the room by saying about how friendly it is etc. etc.

Oh dear,

Edited to say.....stop the madness................


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