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Eco Nappies... any good


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Hello there:)

I've not heard of the 'Eco-nappy' brand [is it a disposable or reusable?] but I do use lots of different brands of washable nappies and have found them really good value for money and alot of fun collecting and using them. My boy seems happy in them too and looks extra cute with a fluffy bum. There's a nappy forum called www.clothnappytree.com where there is SOOO much advice about all the different reusable brands - you may find some info on there about this brand. You can also buy/sell or swap nappies too - which can get quite addictive so watch out.:-$

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Hi ThatGuy,

For advice on cloth nappies you can also come to me for advice and demos, the best place to start is to visit www.thenappylady.co.uk where you will find a lot of useful reading.

I see Eco Nappies do both cloth and eco disposables. If you are looking at disposables one thing I will say is that you need to look at the whole footprint from production onwards because from a disposal point of view whether you use mainstream or eco nappies doesn't make much difference if you are going to put them in your dustbin. This is because when disposables get rolled into a ball, tied up in a nappy sack and put into a dustbin, to ultimately go into landfill they are not going to degrade because landfill is managed to avoid precisely that (because of the risk of methane explosion). Liquid waste can drain away, but solid waste sits there, pretty much for ever, and just gets covered over as each cell fills up.

When a pack of eco disposables say they are "80% degradable" they may well be if you live on a farm with a few hundred acres available to manage them and compost them in the right way, but for most of this this isn't an option, and the claim is only possible because 80% of a soiled nappy is urine and faeces.

It makes depressing reading I know. But, from a production point of view Moltex are very good - their factory in Germany has won many awards for their environmental standards, use of recycled products, and recycling etc. Of course, if you are planning to use cloth that is better from an environmental, financial and leak proof (if you get good advice and the right nappy) point of view.....but it really is important, please don't just go and buy a whole set of nappies 'off the peg' before baby is born, it is like trying to buy a car without test driving it first!

Best wishes, Molly


[email protected]

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Laundering services tend to only do their own nappies, doubt you'd get them back safely (they also wash too hot for shaped nappies - heat wrecks elastic and velcro etc)....would suggest you hand swill so they are fairly clean, bundle them up in a towel and go to the local launderette with them and just bung them in towel and all......or bring them around to my place if you like........or smile sweetly at a neighbour.........I had a week without a machine last year when baby was a few months old and managed to alternate between 2 of my neighbours who were both cloth nappy friendly thank goodness!

Drying not a problem if you have radiators and/or an airer.

Hope you get sorted soon.


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Feel free to come and use my machine Skip, happy to help out. My machine is very used to cloth nappies! I get mine dry fairly easily inside using an airer in our bathroom which is really warm, they dry within 24 hours. PM me if you want to take me up on the offer.
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