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steveo Wrote:


> Praise indeed

So SteveO, if you had an opinion on the matter might you say that the busted window and the alleged lashing of your books was carried out by:

A. Damned goodfernothing vandals who are robbing both author and vendor of valuable income. Hear the author's pain in telephone interviews with Nick Ferrari and Jon 'Gaunty' from a radio near you.

B. Zealous book reviewers from OZ and IT, who were unable to wait for the official review copies, got pissed-up in the EDT and decided to launch a guerilla attack on the counter-cultural grounds that 'words are for everyone' and that Steve and John aren't breadheads and down with the people.

And anyway it's what Mick Farren would have done.

For a special no-prize link the publicist you think might be most likely to adopt strategem A or B.

Might it be, 1 Andrew Loog Oldham 2. Max Cliford. 3. Tony Barrow. 4. Andy Coulson.

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No idea John, I noticed this morning as I waited for the bus and couldn't make sense of it.

We all like your shop, glad to see your window has been repaired. I suspect you shall never have the answer to your question.

Best wishes,


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