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Childspace Nursery Open Day Thursday 26th November 9.30-10.30am


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OPEN DAY AT CHILDSPACE - a very special Cooperative Nursery

"where child and parent grow"

When? Thursday 26th November 2009 - 9.30 am-10.30am

Where? Childspace, Cressingham Gardens Tenant's Hall 
Tulse Hill, SW2 2QG 

PLEASE CONTACT KATE ON 07948 391 166 for more information and/or to confirm attendance

Childspace aims for the social development, happiness and security of its children members.

About the Group

Childspace is a co-operatively run nursery which demands a major commitment from its parent members. Childspace aims for the security, social development and happiness of its children, and a keen membership is paramount to its smooth running. We aim to do as our name suggests, provide children with a space, where they are encouraged and guided to explore and express themselves through play in accordance with EYFS curriculum.

Organising and Managing

Childspace has 7 children at each session, and caters for a wide age range, from 14 months to age 3-3 ?. Its hours are from 9am to 2pm with a snack and lunch provided. Sessions run Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for 47 weeks of the year. Two adults staff each session: a full-time paid worker and a parent worker (unpaid). For every 7 sessions their child attends, a parent must work 1 session.

As a co-operative, all members of Childspace are responsible for managing the group. Decisions concerning policy and everyday running of Childspace are made at monthly meetings, which all members should attend. Every member is allocated a job eg Gardener, Co-ordinator, Supplies, Health and Safety, Maintenance.

What sort of care do we provide?

We provide a clean, safe space, toys, activities and facilities to rest or sleep as required.

We aim to create a stable and stimulating environment in which the children can explore and express themselves through play, with the minimum of restrictions.

Children are dealt with gently and firmly, and are encouraged to resolve disputes calmly. Co-operation and sharing between the children is positively encouraged. We seek to build up a child?s self esteem by recognising achievements and good behaviour whilst showing our disapproval of bad behaviour, never labelling a child as good or bad. We feel it is important to acknowledge ?difficult? emotions such as anger or possessiveness and to try to suggest better ways of expressing them.

Childspace is committed to providing anti-racist and anti-sexist childcare. Books and language used are not racist or sexist; we encourage activities and behaviour which do not conform to gender stereotypes, and materials provided reflect a wide range of cultures and experience. Childspace is committed to providing equal opportunities for both children and parents alike.


We are self-funded, non-profit making and operate on a tight budget. Current fees are ?17 per session.

Working a Session

You need to be prepared to work 1 session in every 7 sessions your child attends. On that day you are required to arrive at Childspace at 8.30am, and help the paid worker set up and clear away toys/equipment before and during the session, buy and prepare a vegetarian lunch (at your own expense) for 7 children, the paid worker and yourself. Also to bring in an activity (eg potato prints, singing, dancing, blowing bubbles etc) and actively participate with the children in all their activities. Keeping the kitchen clean is your responsibility on that day. Childminders, au pairs and nannies may not do the parent worker duties.


Childspace was a finalist in the Best Social Enterprise category in the 2009 Lambeth Business Awards

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