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Should fat people pay extra on the bus?


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I am squeezed between two fat people on the back seat of the 176 and watched a tiny woman have to squeeze into the remaining space on a double seat that was almost completely taken up by a really fat woman and it occured to me, that people who take up more than one seat should pay extra or stand up!


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Not quite a bus, but I had a similar issue on a flight to New York recently.

I was sat in the window seat with a rather portly lady next to me. I lifted the arm rest to get into my seat then she sat down next to me and I was unable to pull the armrest back down due to her 'largeness', meaning I couldn't use the in-flight controls until she got up to go to the loo. At which time I pulled the armrest down, plugged in my headphones and was beginning to get into the Dark Knight when she came along, sat back down again and as she seemed to be perched (wedged?) between the armrests she was unknowingly interfering with my TV controls! As fast as I was turning the volume down again it was going up!

Sorry if that sounds a bit insensitive, but yes. If you need more space you should pay for it. They do in Business/First Class...

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its not always those who r particularly large in shape who take up space on buses. Wot about the selfish teenagers who think it smart 2 hog seats, those wiv bags that obviously need a seat, those whove had too much 2 drink or not enuff sleep who require xtra space 2 roll their heads and sway around a bit? There are too many annoyances who are worse than "fat" people.

Id say make the nuisance travellers pay :-)

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hey fat people need loving too! let's not get onto a fat bashing thread even if they are smelly and annoying on the bus sometimes. I don't think they should pay more nor should gingers or gays/lesbians or old people , though people with buggies they cant be bothered to fold up should pay double.
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Oh poor big people

Imagine having such a large rear end that technically you end up sitting next to your self however, having been to Las Vegas and seen really BIG people at the eat all you can buffets ( a harrowing sight ) we do have some margin to go ( for now)

These people were so large that one couple needed a pair of chairs per person, one seat for each buttock. They also had a tray each piled as high as you could imagine, even holding stuff strategically with their podgy digits to ensure nothing got away

Both ate in the "defensive position" you know the one,where one arm hooks round the plate, as if protecting it from an impending launch assault from the other

Their feet poised in the "just about to run" mode , right foot forward & ironically wearing trainers, though any imagined quick dash would probably have ended at the "unlimited refill" coffee zone, in exhaustion

I left feeling queasy, it's no way to go about food

What may be better over here is to have a painted pavement "start line" , say 25 yards from where the bus actually stops. The more agile could dash up front first piggy backing the elderly along the way, the slower heavies could the amble their way onto the bus, dumping their weary overweighted carcasses into the back seat. Oxygen masks would be provided so the breathless could chug a few gulps in between the pointless conversations they were having into their mobile phones

Oh and cost would be based on a mere visual little/large scale depending on how fed up or happy the driver felt, so the rush hour would be premium rated

It could work you know


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HonaloochieB Wrote:


> I'd be happy to pay extra on the bus to

> accommodate my bulk.

> In fact I'd have a cordoned off VIP section for

> people of all sizes who would rather not rub

> shoulders with riff raff and assorted

> lollygaggers.

> That'd be civilised.

Oh, and I thought you travelled everywhere by private helicopter...my you have gone down in my estimation...

I wonder who it is that hovers over us then every so often? Dulwich Mum...perhaps?

*tries best not to laugh, but fails miserably*

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iaineasy Wrote:


> Lollygaggers?? hahaha love the phrase what's one

> of those?

They're the shuffling idle no goodniks who get in the way and just stand about beibg slack-jawed and useless.

And where there are are lollygaggers, gonifs, yeggs and other assorted momzers are generally close behind.

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