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Tony Curtis - he ain't dead yet so let's appreciate him now


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(I'm in bed not well today and so - you know - just vegging with the laptop!)

I always loved Tony Curtis. I think I have seen every film he ever made. Now he is an artist living in Las Vegas with his 4th wife. I've read his books, seen pretty much all his interviews, and have his autograph from when I was a teenager and he was in London, and also he signed copies of his books when I saw him at a launch at Harrods and when he gave a talk with Emma Freud at National Theatre.

This thread won't last long, but I just wanted this 'out there'. He said he does not act on screen he just will 'be' on screen.

Here's an exquisite piece of him sending himself up as a narcisist in Paris When It Sizzles.

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I am with you completely on Tony Curtis - a giant of the screen and now, having outlived so many contemporaries - something of a treasure. I treat his claims of not acting on screen with a ltitle scepticism though. I mean in "Some Like It Hot" he effectively plays three different roles... He's one of those guys who allegedly don't/cannot act in the same way Michael Caine is, which is to say he is pretty damned accomplished.

And his catchphrase will live on forever....:)

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Boo to you Moos!

An embarrassment?

What did you contribute that for?

Of course he and his work is in the past!

giggirl thanks for this. I'll watch it later. I loved Pamela Stephenson when she was a comedian, but this series I found rather 'concerning'. The reverse shots of her concerned face made me cringe!

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I was in Budapest a few years back and our guide told us that the restoration of the city's main synagogue had been partly funded by Tony Curtis. Nice that he gave something back to where he came from. Great city for a weekend if anyone is looking for somewhere to go.
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Moos Wrote:


> Love Kirk Douglas. Tony Curtis is an

> embarrassment. He should be viewed strictly in

> the past.

I have to second that, TC is hard to take in interviews. Boring on about all the women he has loved.

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And he has worked with such a diverse bunch of directors!

And done so many different types of films.

The Pamela Stephenson interview giggirl referred to above was awful in that she just was coming across so superior and concerned and yeuch, coulda slapped the bitch.

He just needs to know we love him, and we do, and I just started the thread to remind us all of His Greatness. Course he's losing it a little. Who doesn't at that age when they've abused their body with such heavy drugs like he did. But he did recover and he did start a new career. And let's not forget without him we wouldn't have the adorable Jamie Lee.

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