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Naughty Mummy Christmas Party - confirmed details

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Things are shaping up really well for our Naughty Mummy Christmas Party! We've had lots of emails, so for those of you have asked for further info...

So, what's happening on the night?...

Some pampering from our gorgeous friends from Therapy, who will be providing mini beauty treatments.

The goody bags are almost complete, with some lovely treats from Hope and Greenwood, Green & Blue and Therapy to name a few and the first 30 people to put their name on the guestlist will also get a little bit of fashion to brighten up their winter wardrobe! All treats to help you indulge yourself for once and save a few pennies over the coming months of gale force winds and darkness!

Our butler will greet you with a free drink and make sure that you don't have to queue at the bar! All you need to do is take the weight off your feet and have a natter with some likeminded ladies!

Most importantly, a number of you have asked if you can come on your own and the answer is a resounding yes! This is very much an event for treating local mums and helping us all to make a few new friends, so please do come along and we will help you to mingle!

Tickets are ?15, please pm me or email [email protected]

Looking forward to meeting those of you who are already on our guestlist!


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Hi All,

Just a little reminder about our party. Everyone gets a goody bag, but our first 30 tickets are nearly sold, so do let me know if you'd like to come along and we can reserve you one of our fashion treats!!

For those who have booked tickets, our lovely friends from Therapy have confirmed they will be there to carry out free treatments from 7pm, so arrive as early as poss to make sure you get some pampering!

Let's hope this rain goes away by the 15th. I don't want to do the drowned rat look for my first night out in ages!


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Will be lovely to meet you! We're taking money on the door anyway, no pre payment, so no worries on that front. I shall pop your name on the guestlist just so that there is a goody bag for you, but of course it won't be a problem if nature decides to intervene!

PS there is a Naughty Mummy discount from Therapy for pregnancy (and standard) massage in the goody bag, so that might make the last few weeks more bearable! I lived in there during my last weeks as they have a table with a hole for the bump - it was bliss just to be able to lie on my front!

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Our goody bags are looking great and it seems that people are falling over themselves to help us all get some pampering! The first 15 people to arrive on the night get a large bottle of bubble bath!

Tickets are still on sale, so drop me a line if you'd like to come along.

See you on Tuesday!

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how does it work with the fashion extra for the first 30 people? are the goody bags named so the first 30 on the guest list gets those ones or is it the first 30 through the door on the night? sorry just has some of my friends that are coming who are not on the forum and I didnt know the answer, thanks for your hard work to give us all a nice night out. leanne
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Thanks ladies! Glad you had a good night. I had a great time and it was nice to meet so many lovely people!

Although the happy vibes were killed when I got home to a screaming baby who refused to sleep for most of the night! How do they know which are the worst possible nights to do it?!

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