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Is East Dulwich a good place to live?


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I'm an ex North West Londoner and have been living in Brighton for the last 4 years. Due to work me and my boyfriend are moving back to London and have been offered a flat share in East Dulwich. I was just wondering if it's a nice place to live or not. If anyone could be kind enough to fill me in that would be fantastic.
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Looking at this forum and the amount of whinging we do about the area, you might have your doubts. But we all keep living here, so there must be something in it! It largely depends how you quantify good, but the threads in one section or another should cover your specific criteria.
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Yes. It's got a nice vibe about it. It's pleasant, people do say hello to you on the street especially if you say hello first. There are snobs and loads of NIMBYs and reactionaries, but there's good people too. And it's up to you to ask not what ED can do for you but what you can do for ED - Ooooohh yes.
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Well it's cold out anyways....

We've moved about London a bit, NW, East, Central and SW before ending up in East Dulwich and we love it, for us it's a good mix of being close in to central London but still having a nice suburban feel with nice green spaces, local shops and friendly people.

There is a large baby population about tho, not that that worries us, Mrs Kiwi wants one of her own soonish so I guess that?s another plus for us.

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dulwichmum Wrote:


> It is super sweet, and you can visit West Dulwich

> et le village when you are in search of some

> culture and fabulousness!

Sorry but its got to be ED. The village and WD are, I'm afraid, rather dull.

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Erm I have just had a re-think

So here's a few questions, now please be honest, answer the first thing that comes into your head.

In no way (well a little bit..) is this a

"oh look at 'er, who does she think she is ol' beefy"

or a

"Oh welcome, welcome , welcome do come in ,no prob.....ahhha so we will see you in church wont we"

type questioner/ personality test however.....

Here's "The Lucky Seven "

1. Your first thought on the word "Bugaboo"

2. On a bus when seated, how many of those seats would you ..."cover" roughly ?

3. Please tick one choice below

a. Waitrose ⎕

b. Iceland ⎕

4. How long would you be prepared to wait for a chop/sausage in the rain on a Saturday ( to the nearest hour is fine )

5. Honey

"Gales" or "Manuka"

6. Finish the following phrase.

" If Tessa Jowell said it , it must be.........."

7. "Reebok classics"....discuss

Many thanks for taking part.


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