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motorbike theif

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Posts: 36
Joined: 12 Apr 2013, 16:11

Please be aware two guys on moped at 2-30am trying to remove motorbike of driveway , both wearing all black , lordship lane and woodvale , shouted out to them and made a rapid return to there bike driving opposite side of road , unfortunately could not get reg.
Posts: 2202
Joined: 20 Jul 2007, 17:53

Heard scooters buzzing around at around 0430. Fellbrigg area. Possibly linked.
Posts: 175
Joined: 01 Mar 2012, 13:04

pls report at least to 101 just at least to have it officially on file.
Sean Of Dulwich
Posts: 1147
Joined: 28 May 2014, 11:13

ge yer mobiles out n take a pic of these scumbags
Posts: 252
Joined: 20 May 2011, 11:05

Sorry to hear it sounds like it is getting to epidemic proportions here in London.

http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/mo ... 90651.html
Posts: 2470
Joined: 21 Dec 2014, 11:21

it's because they are getting away with it
Posts: 36
Joined: 12 Apr 2013, 16:11

Thanks all , just thought would put it out there so bike owners are aware , be safe
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