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Gardener needed ASAP: Fencing, levelling & laying artificial grass

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Joined: 15 Jun 2016, 19:24

Our job is to create a level field for the laying of artifical grass in our rear garden.
We have used bricks and soil to create as level a field as possible to start with.

You will need to use sand and MOT1 to finish the job and make 100% level.
Including adding weed killer where needed
We want you to erect wooden fencing with concrete posts and concrete gravel board around the space also.
We will be ordering some easigrass whch needs laying. We would like you to ensure the space is prepped for laying and then lay the turf. Space is 4m by 5m.

See picture of the space.
We want the levelling and the fence to be done this week: By 29th July
Should be 2 days of work

Contact if you have expertise in this area and you are available to fit this job in by the above date.

Email or call 07885 265 252

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Joined: 04 Aug 2017, 10:35

Hi Rachael,

I've just been doing the same thing in my garden and ordered too much MOT1. If you haven't already ordered and/or completed the work I have 60 20kg bags spare. I got these for ?2.72/bag but happy to shift them for ?1/bag - this makes it cheaper than than bulk bags (and a lot more practical to move around).

Let me know if you're interested...

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