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Free 8ft trampolene

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Joined: 17 May 2013, 13:21

Free Telstar trampolene - 8ft I think. Approx seven years old. It's seen a lot of action over the years, so it is pretty tatty. Our cats have also used the uprights that hold up the safety net as scratching posts so the plastic and the foam that covers these metal posts have seen a fair bit of shredding, adding to the general 'pre-loved' feel. But has all parts, I think, bar one nut to attach one of the uprights (have included a different spare nut in place which does the job). But it still works fine and seems structurally sound. I had a bounce the other week with no mishaps and I think I technically exceed the safe operating limit which, from memory, is around 90-95kg. I was going to take to the dump but then thought that would be a waste, and that kids younger than ours may get a few more years fun out of it. Buyer to pick up from West Dulwich - the whole thing is already dismantled and should fit into a standard-sized car. I don't have images of it except those with our kids in them so please excuse the lack of photos.
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