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custom BMX bike for sale

Sell and give away your articles locally (except family items - put those in The Family Room classifieds)
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Joined: 09 Oct 2012, 11:21

custom mongoose BMX bike good condition, much loved bike, ideal for beginners looking to get into BMX aged 8-12, i am 13 now and have taken great care of this bike and personally it is a great little bike for zipping around a track/skatepark or just going to a mates house!i am selling this bike because i have grown out of it and i would like to pass it on to someone who will look after it and enjoy it as much as i have! I have used this bike for ages and it has never needed any major repair that you can't just fix with a screwdriver!

customised frame with vinyl sticker pattern with cartoon characters/logos/art (does not wash off in the rain, and easily cleanable)wheels: 20"
top tube: 19"
price: ?60 or near offer.(can drop off anywhere in Dulwich if needed, or view and collect in west Dulwich.)
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