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Nutritional tips with a pinch of science 3 - Sweet plums

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Hello everybody.

We all tend to blame sweet dishes for their high energy content: with hundreds of calories per portion, it is inevitable that cakes and pastries disappear from the diet of anybody who has to lose weight.

But not all desserts are such a despair for the scale!

And on top of that some fruits, like plums or apples, strawberries, pears or oranges, are low in glycemic index and can help to keep sugars levels under control in your blood.

Even in the most serious, controlled, balanced diet if you do not have any other medical condition that requires you to avoid sugars completely, you can manage to have something deliciously sweet.

This - as many other ideas I have learned about - came from the Internet although I made my own variations. One day I bought plums at an incredible low price: the bargain opportunity was exciting. I had just learned plums are a good source of vitamin C and Vitamin K and there is even 1 gram of proteins in two plums. But when I saw all the plums in my kitchen, I realised I rarely eat plums and not more than one or two. What to do with all these plums then and with no time for complicated recipes?

Well, I cored and baked them at 180 / 190? until the plums were completed caramelised (that is about 20 minutes) with a couple of spoons of muscovado sugar spread evenly on top (that is about 18 / 20 grams), in a silicon dish.

I made a finger-licking dessert in 15 minutes: unforgettable recipe!

And if the plums are not very ripe, you can adjust the liquid with one or two spoon of water halfway through or in the last 5 minutes.

How many calories you think they have for serving (two plums or 4 halves)?

Maria Longo
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email [email protected]

p.s. edited because I had forgotten to attach the photo that shows the gorgeous caramelised plums!
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