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David Wilson - Fantastic local personal trainer - a recommendation

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I wanted to share my recommendation for Dave, who has been my personal trainer for over a year and helped me to really improve strength and fitness. I'm in my mid 50's and never really worked out with weights before, and Dave introduced me to how to use weights safely as well as the value of short but regular workouts. He has great technical knowledge and pays close attention to ensuring that exercises are correctly completed, also bringing a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the sessions. Last month Dave started to advise me on a 3 month weight loss programme, designing a calorie counting approach that fits in around my lifestyle, rather than having to totally change it, and providing fantastic motivation and support. I?m really pleased with the results so far, lost 4kg in 6 weeks. Dave is a top PT, strongly recommended.

The sessions can take place outside in open spaces, parks, inside homes or in gardens. David is based in West Dulwich and works regularly in all the surrounding areas.

Contact details below:

[email protected]
07886 819934
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