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Water Main burst at junction Upland, Dunstans and St Dunstans for several months

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Yes, posting another failure to maintain this time infrastructure with the knock on already starting collapse of the road surface.

For several months residents have posted to Thames Water: fresh water break flowing freely from under the middle of Upland Road off Lordship Lane at the 3 way branch with Dunstans and St Dunstans.

This has gradually increased from trickle to flow and the Road can be seen to be collapsing.

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I've reported that one several times already. Unless the road gives way (as happened on Overhill a while back - twice) they won't be any great rush to investigate or remedy. Too many leaks in a crumbling infrastructure that was ignored for too long and too many shareholders to placate, mostly overseas funds at that.
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Ah yes another SE22 water leak. Not a week goes by without one!
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