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WANTED *2 BED Flat* Long Term Rent in East Dulwich

Looking to buy, sell or rent in the SE22 area? Post your property's details or your requirements for free in this section (No agents please)
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Joined: 12 Aug 2014, 10:51

Hi there,
I'm Mattia.

We're two young professionals with two young kids, a 4yr old and a 5 month old baby.

We have lived in East Dulwich for the last eight years, in the same flat, and now are looking to move to a bigger space.

We're looking for a two bedroom flat in East Dulwich (preferably as close as possible to Heber Primary School).

We've had a great relationships with our landlord for the last 8 years. We're reliable and trustworthy tenants.

Pls get in touch via DM if you have anything available.

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