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Nutritional tips with a pinch of science 4 - Red cabbage

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We are told we need to eat more fibre (veggies and fruits), less meat, less processed foods etc etc at all times.

But how can you make a meal in 15 or 20 minutes without using meat, fast food, takeaways and a variety of ready meal solutions that often do not have, per se, nothing wrong but for being high in calories, unhealthy fats and sugars...?!?

The secret of healthy cooking and healthy eating is very often planning and organisation!

The first thing required, to this extent, is knowing what is good for your body and matches the empirical evidence against the backdrop of nutritional and medical sciences. It is not so easy and spontaneous or obvious as one may think.

Of course you have tons of ideas and suggestions from tv programs, experts chefs talking to magazines and on the radio, cooking podcasts and so on but... do all these diet information nudges start from you?

Batch cooking and planning help to stay on top of the matter and give space to incorporate your creativity and ideas from the media in the mix.

In the attached picture today is an example that is suitable for all vegetarians: my salty red cabbage pudding makes the most of this gorgeous crucifer - when you are fed up of just slicing it and add it in salads or as a decorative finishing up on side dishes - and can be frozen in convenient portions too!

In fact, all the ingredients of this salty pudding can be pre-arranged in different moments. The new potatoes are optional, added to give more energy to the younger in this instance.

The preparation is no-brain: just alternate two layers of blended or crushed pur?e made with red cabbage, new potatoes, shallots steamed or boiled and drained with two layers of seeded sourdough bread (or any type of bread) spread with blue creme cheese. I like to add one layer of mashed carrots and sweet potatoes seasoned with nutmeg in between. And, needless to say, grated parmesan or cheddar goes on top.

And the most gorgeous salty pudding is done!

Unfortunately the Royal competition for puddings this year was for sweet puddings only, otherwise I would have entered my salty red cabbage for the award :)

Maria Longo
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